Stop Foreclosure

If you have received a Notice of Default or Notice of Trustee Sale, we CAN STOP your foreclosure with a short sale*.  Here at Short Sale Solution as FULL TIME Short Sale Specialist we are ready to go into ACTION to stop your foreclosure.  Our entire service is FREE.  Because our expertise is SHORT SALES, Nothing is more important than your current situation, we are uniquely prepared to do whatever is humanly possible to STOP YOUR FORECLOSURE.  Even if you have received a NOTICE OF DEFAULT or NOTICE OF TRUSTEE SALE (please see definitions below*), CONTACT US IMMEDIATELY at (916) 476-2664 or simply register for a no obligation consultation, we have successfully postponed  foreclosures and closed the short sales for many homeowners in similar circumstances you are now experiencing.






Definition: A SHORT SALE is a situation where a distressed seller needs to sell their house for a lower amount than the mortgage balance. You can Avoid Foreclosure with a Short Sale! A short sale is preferable for the mortgage holders who financially, must liquidate their claim in the property and who will not qualify for other loan modification options. It much better to Avoid Foreclosure with a Short Sale than to have your home be foreclosed on. Quite simply, a short sale is when the value of the property has dropped below the current principle balance owed.

Definition: NOTICE OF DEFAULT: Lenders file in the public records where the property is located a public notice called the Notice of Default. In some states, the Notice of Default is also attached to the home, generally on the front window, like a big scarlet letter. It states that the borrower is in default, behind in the mortgage payments, and if the payments are not paid up, the lender will seize the home.

In California, lenders typically do not file a Notice of Default until the borrower is at least 90 days behind in making payments. When a borrower has missed 2 payments and is 60 days behind, at that point many banks send out a 30-day notice of intent, which they are required by law to do before filing a Notice of Default.

Lenders must then wait 90 days. During that 90-day period, the borrower has the right to make up the back payments and reinstate the loan. After 90 days, the lender is required to publish a notice in the newspaper for 20 days and then may sell the property to the highest acceptable bidder on the courthouse steps. If no acceptable bid is received, the trustee then conveys the property to the lender.

Definition NOTICE OF TRUSTEE SALE is a document that tells the property owner that a particular property is about to be sold at auction to settle a debt that is owed on that property. The notice must be posted on the property and in one other public location. This notice must be mailed to the owner at least 20 days before the sale date and must be published once a week for three weeks prior to the sale in a local newspaper. Contained in the notice must be the date, time and location of the sale as well as the property address and trustee’s contact information. Additionally, the notice must be recorded with the county recorder office at least 14 days prior to sale.

*Foreclosure postponement is not guarantee and varies according to such variables as lender, time and investor. Not every Bank/Lender has a cash incentive program; However many of them do.