Why Choose Us

  • We have been successfully negotiating and closing 100’s of short sales in the SAC METRO AREA since this downturn in the market began. We have 25 years of real estate experience.
  • We are a full time Short Sale Company dedicated (this is all we do) to negotiations and closing short sales in the SAC METRO AREA.
  • We are LOCALLY BASED and our service is SPECIFIC TO YOUR REQUIREMENTS. The person you speak to on the phone (initial free consultation) is the one you will meet face to face.
  • We are licensed by the Department of Real Estate and are members of the California Association of Realtors, which means we have additional education in the area of real estate and are held to a higher standard. We also have an A+ rating by the BBB (Better Business Bureau).
  • All negotiations are handled in house. We do not hire or use any third parties to negotiate and process the short sale.
  • Our service is FREE to the homeowner. We DO NOT charge upfront fees. You are not required to pay any out of pocket fees to us. We get paid when the sale closes and we are paid by the lender.
  • The only sign posted (or you may choose not to have one at all) in front of your property when the house is listed is a “Your Advantage Realty” sign. There won’t be any indication that the house is a short sale to neighbors. The short sale will only be disclosed to other realtors or interested buyers.
  • We provide personalized service with ongoing updates from your Agent throughout the process.
  • We can provide you with names and phone numbers of current or past clients that you can contact to hear firsthand the service we provide.